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P2P networking, zkVM, and Narwhal-Bullshark consensus for Aleo, a privacy L1

Aleo is a layer 1 blockchain that combines privacy with programmability - making it significantly easier for developers to build private & decentralized applications.

Equilibrium Labs has collaborated closely with the Aleo core engineering team to build SnarkOS (P2P networking and node software), SnarkVM (zkVM), and the PoS-consensus mechanism (Narwhal-Bullshark).

SnarkOS is the full node software for Aleo that handles P2P networking and communication between the nodes, verifying transactions and achieving consensus.

SnarkVM is the virtual machine for zero-knowledge proofs which includes the core cryptography of the protocol.

Narwhal-Bullshark is the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It's a novel DAG-based approach that separates the memory pool (Narwhal) from consensus (Bullshark).

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