The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a decentralized protocol for sharing data across the internet using advanced peer-to-peer technologies. The reference client is written in the Go programming language.


Equilibrium has brought its extensive Rust development experience to the IPFS project with the release of Rust-IPFS.

This open-source initiative seeks to be a fully-compliant IPFS client built with the enhanced safety offered by the Rust language. You can track our progress at Are We IPFS yet? .

For more information, check out our extended case study.

“The Equilibrium Labs team behind Rust-IPFS are making great progress and adding significant improvements to the IPFS ecosystem. Rust-IPFS is already attracting its first set of early users and stakeholders, and is well poised to build a great, engaged community. Very excited to see them continue growing and iterating!”

Molly Mackinlay, Project Lead Protocol Labs