We build the future of decentralised technologies

Equilibrium creates and contributes to open source projects we view as critical for the success of the decentralised web. We aim to support these projects indefinitely, providing the long-term stability needed for wide-scale adoption.

Our public projects

With Hooks Builder developers are able to develop, test, debug and deploy smart contracts on the XRP Ledger by forking examples or building new ones from scratch. Fully in browser. No installs needed.

Starsign is a multisig for StarkNet; Cairo contract code, unit tests and eventually a user interface for using the Multisig on browser.

Pathfinder is a StarkNet full node giving you a safe view into StarkNet. With Pathfinder there is no need to trust information provided by others. Just run the node and query your own data.

Useful tools, scripts, and contracts for developing on the Flow Blockchain, including Flow wallet API, a multisig contract, and wallet authentication.

Ziggurat is network testing suite created by Equilibrium that provides blockchain node developers with the foundation of reliability, performance, and scalability needed to realize the true potential of the their peer-to-peer networks

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a decentralized protocol for sharing data across the internet using advanced peer-to-peer technologies. The reference client is written in the Go programming language.

A serverless, distributed, peer-to-peer database. OrbitDB uses IPFS as its data storage and IPFS Pubsub to automatically sync databases with peers. It’s eventually consistent and uses CRDTsfor conflict-free database merges.

Interledger is an open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers. Like the Internet, connectors route packets of money across independent networks. The open architecture andminimal protocol enable interoperability for any value transfer system. Interledger is not tied to a single company, blockchain, or currency.