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An open-source SDK to build sovereign optimistic rollups on top of Avail

OpEVM is a software development kit (SDK) designed to facilitate the creation of Layer-2 optimistic rollups on top of Avail that are both sovereign and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible.

OpEVM is both an optimistic and sovereign rollup solution. It leverages L2 scalability techniques (off-chain execution and batching of transactions) to achieve high transaction throughput, and fraud proofs for detecting malicious blocks and transactions. The "sovereignty" stems from the fact that OpEVM doesn’t require a smart contract residing on a separate settlement layer to perform fraud-proof checks. Instead, it relies on node operators to determine the canonical state of the chain. This is in contrast with smart contract rollups that rely on smart contracts on a settlement layer (such as Ethereum) to verify its blocks and settle disputes.

Notable features of OpEVM include support for a decentralized sequencer set and fraud proofs from the get-go, which amplifies liveness, censorship resistance, and security.

The development of OpEVM was a collaboration between Avail and Equilibrium Group (Equilibrium Labs & Eiger). For more information, we recommend reading this blog by Avail or visiting the GitHub repository.

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