A fellow pioneer? We'd love to work with you.

We're here turn your vision into exploratory proof-of-concepts and production-ready systems. We are as comfortable working in public on open source as we are working on closed source projects.

Equilibrium Labs builds the core infrastructure of the decentralized web. We are an R&D company focused on hard engineering problems around security, privacy, and scaling of blockchain-based cloud infrastructure. While we aren’t afraid to tackle these problems through internal projects and ventures, we also partner with leading builders to help accelerate their development.

We are constantly looking for new challenges. Partnering with us will get you:


Over the years, we have built a variety of solutions for a wide range of partners and ecosystems. With the knowledge gained from these projects, our team can provide engineering support across multiple languages, technologies, cryptography, and economic design. This allows us to propose and implement creative solutions you might not have considered and provide constructive feedback to the current strategy.


Our domain expertise includes VMs, node implementation, networking, consensus, and privacy/encryption, and we are constantly exploring new technologies and keeping up with the latest research. Whether you need applied research & design or building production-ready systems - we can help.


We work both on isolated projects and in tight collaboration with core research & engineering teams. Our engineers are used to working independently in small teams (usually 2-5 persons). They can get started with limited instructions and aren’t afraid to tackle problems that haven’t been solved before.


We keep what we promise and get things done while maintaining professionalism and respect for our partners. We are also not afraid to speak up if we feel something is being overlooked or have an idea for an improvement.


Mature projects require developers and partners who can contribute to the ecosystem's vision and technical roadmap. In addition, building alternative implementations of key infrastructure is important for both diversity and network robustness.

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