Hooks Builder

With Hooks Builder developers are able to develop, test, debug and deploy smart contracts on the XRP Ledger by forking examples or building new ones from scratch. Fully in browser. No installs needed.

Hooks Builder


XRPL Labs approached Equilibrium and Eiger to create a browser-based development tool for their new Hooks smart-contract amendment for XRP Ledger. We developed the user experience, front-end and backend of the Hooks Builder.

The main goal was to get more developers to create new Hooks to drive adoption and help develop Hooks ready for mainnet launch later. XRPL Labs also wanted to create a frictionless development experience for developers unfamiliar with the C language and new to Hooks.

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Custom C language server for Hooks Builder
Custom C language server for Hooks Builder

Fluid C-development in browser

The Builder's customised C language server helps developers get hints and catch Hook-specific errors, which are linked to the XRPL Hooks documentation while writing their code.

Compile and deploy easily with Hooks builder

Easy compilation & deployment

The Hook C code compiles to an optimised WebAssembly file which the developers can deploy on the testnet with customisable parameters.

Test transactions with Hook Builder

Testing Hooks with transactions

In addition to developing and deploying, testing Hooks was crucial to developing efficient Hooks. We created a UI for building test cases and running them on the testnet between different accounts to test various transactions with Hooks.

Save, share and fork with Hooks Builder

Save, share and fork

Since we wanted to drive the adoption rate as well, we incorporated easy saving & sharing of Hooks using GitHub Gists as the backend, which makes it easy to fork existing Hooks, and as low-friction version history.

The XRP Community has been very excited about Hooks' potential and has adopted using the Hooks Builder, helping XRPL Labs spot potential bugs and improve the Hooks. We're continuing the Builder development, and we're currently working on adding AssemblyScript support to make Hooks even more accessible for a broader range of developers.

“I’ve never worked with a team executing this independently, almost no input and a constant streak of the right design choices. Equilibrium has far exceeding our expectations on both a technical and sense for detail level.”

Wietse Wind, CEO XRPL Labs