A decentralized asset manager for Web3.


Vanilla uses a novel prediction market mechanism to actively manage a permissionless, on-chain investment portfolio.

Vanilla is a decentralized asset manager for Web3. It uses a prediction market-like mechanism (Juicenet) to dynamically assign and modify portfolio weights in a Balancer Managed Pool (Vanilla Investment Pool).

Juicenet users take synthetic long and short positions in tokens, and the aggregate weights of these positions form target portfolio weights for the Vanilla Investment Pool.

The system is self-improving in that it rewards Juicenet users (Juicers) who contribute positions that generate a positive return with more influence over the system while removing influence from users who contribute unprofitable positions. The system is also permissionless, and thus anyone can participate in Juicenet or contribute their capital to the Vanilla Investment Pool to be managed by Juicenet.

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