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Equilibrium in the press

Polkadot Decoded 2022 (conference): "Ensuring Web3 Network Stability with Ziggurat" - Mark Henderson, Equilibrium
Crypto Spelunking (podcast): "UST Meltdown, High Interest Rates & The Next 3 Years In Crypto" - Ricardo J. Méndez & Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium
Tekniikka & Talous (newspaper, in Finnish, paywalled): "This is what you need to know about web 3.0" - Article written by Olli Tiainen & Juha Viitala, Equilibrium
Crypto Spelunking (podcast): "Maximalist Vitalik, Pros and Cons of Forking, Optimism's Governance" - Ricardo J. Méndez & Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium
Crypto Spelunking (podcast): "UST, Privacy & Regulation, Michael Saylor" - Ricardo J. Méndez & Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium
Helsingin Sanomat (newspaper, in Finnish): Front page recruiting ad by Equilibrium
Sitra (event, in Finnish): "Next generation internet - towards web 3.0" - Juha Viitala, Equilibrium, in the panel
HS Visio (newspaper, in Finnish, paywalled): "Cryptos became a political tool" - Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium, interviewed
ETHDenver 2022 (conference): "Fracture | Constitute: An option for the forcibly displaced to recover their identity or any data" - Hackathon finalists Mark Henderson, Belsy Yuen, and Niklas Long, Equilibrium
Tivi (newspaper, in Finnish, paywalled): "Blockchain can revolutionize the financial world" - Olli Tiainen, Equilibrium, interviewed
Puheenaihe (podcast, in Finnish): "Blockchains and the new decentralized internet" - Jyri Engeström, Yes VC & Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium
Business Insider (magazine, paywalled): "Kleoverse aims to replace CVs with NFTs" - Equilibrium invests in the $1.2 million funding round
HS Visio (newspaper, in Finnish, paywalled): "Cryptoinvesting, NFTs and blockchain technologies" - Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium, interviewed
HS Visio (newspaper, in Finnish, paywalled): "A vague cryptocurrency is being advertised in Helsinki" - Juha Viitala, Equilibrium, interviewed
Lohkoketju (podcast, in Finnish): "Ethereum and layer 2 technologies" - Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium
Mikrobitti (magazine, in Finnish, paywalled): "This is Ethereum 2.0" - Juha Viitala, Equilibrium, interviewed
Uusi Suomi (newspaper, in Finnish, paywalled): "Finnish experts list 5 reasons for Bitcoin rise." - Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium, interviewed
Puheenaihe (podcast, in Finnish):"What is a blockchain?" - Teemu Päivinen, Equilibrium


Equilibrium logo

Equilibrium's logomark represents blockchain, I/O, binary 1 0 and the letters “E/e", "Q" and balance (equilibrium). The logomark can be used separately from logo text in some cases, if the context of Equilibrium is clear, or it’s for decorative purposes on internal materials.

Equilibrium wordmark is a modified Space Grotesk font. The wordmark should not be used separately from the logomark, if it can be avoided.

View brand guide (pdf).

Sphere Generator

You can generate Equilibrium style 3D sphere illustrations with the EQ Sphere Generator.

EQ Sphere Generator is used to create decorative abastract visuals, when photos are not a good option, but you need that little extra something.

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