Brand Kit

Download the official Equilibrium brand materials.


Equilibrium logo

Equilibrium's logomark represents blockchain, I/O, binary 1 0 and the letters “E/e", "Q" and balance (equilibrium). The logomark can be used separately from logo text in some cases, if the context of Equilibrium is clear, or it’s for decorative purposes on internal materials.

Equilibrium wordmark is a modified Space Grotesk font. The wordmark should not be used separately from the logomark, if it can be avoided.

View brand guide (pdf).

Sphere Generator

You can generate Equilibrium style 3D sphere illustrations with the EQ Sphere Generator.

EQ Sphere Generator is used to create decorative abastract visuals, when photos are not a good option, but you need that little extra something.

EQ Sphere Generator preview

Press & Inquiries

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